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Alessandro Marelli - Lanx - Design Index
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Alessandro Marelli – Lanx

Submitted by Alessandra Marelli, Lanx is a table lamp as a light source that uses the OLED (by Lumiotec), one of the characteristics of this new and innovative technology is the extreme thinness. In this project we wanted to emphasize it using a simple laser-cut aluminum foil with a thickness of 3 mm veneer with sheets of walnut and subsequently folded. This structure is very thin and light allows to house both the OLED that the power cables. The result is a lamp ethereal, by the thin profile. Composed of 3mm thick aluminum sheets and a super slim OLED light, the highlight of the Lanx lamp is its extreme thinness. Its bare, minimal aesthetic is contrasted with a warm wood veneer, making it a perfect desktop lamp for modern and traditional spaces alike.