Andrea Ponti – Life

Designed especially for Milano Expo 2015 and presented to the Comieco Expopack Design Competition in 2011 is the new recycled paper-made water container – Life. The water container is designed primarily to offer the essential service to the city of Milan – free access and use of public water. Another purpose of designing this water container is to promote the diminution of plastic containers as well as a sustainable culture regarding water and natural resources. The water container is made of recycled paper and doesn’t use any sort of chemical ink that is difficult to be recycled. People inside Milan and Expo area will be offered with the container for free, which they can use as a one day bottle and refill the same many times during the tour. Every aspect of this water container is natural, be it the green cord made by natural cotton or the container itself. A double stitch assures good insulation from outside, thus offering great rigidity to the object.

Designer : Andrea Ponti
Source : Design(dot)fr

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