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Ann Grim D! Awards #1 Winner Interview

Ann Grim is the 1st Winner of the Design !ndex Awards Contest.
Here is an interview based on 10 questions the D! Team Asked Ann.
Thank you Ann for your answers ! We sincerely hope our readers will appreciate this interview as much as we do !

[D!] What about school ? Where, when and how did you studied design ?
Ann : I strated design after Met de Penninghnen work shop, Cambridge Univiversity, l’Ecole du Louvre and Drouot.
[D!] What was your 1st project ? 
Ann : My first project was for Buddha Bar, we manufactured their furniture. But my fist truly significant design project was our first ANN GRIM Furniture collection. Main pieces : A table Altaïr Ego, which is an oil foil of 3 meters, a sofa, a book shelf and a coffee table.
[D!] What is you design process ?
Ann : Nothing surprising : Researches, Researches, Researches and Researches ! Then, Lots of Hand rough, 3D on sketchup, 3d on solidworks, prototypes, to finaly have a first piece. For the most industrial pieces of course. Sometime the process can be a lot shorter, it is just a sketchup and a prototype…
[D!] Any tips to be a good creative ?
Ann : You must transgress functional standards and create your own stories.

[D!] Can you explain us your products identity ?

Ann : I like to play with dimensions and shapes. I let people have their own interpretetions of my creations. For exemple, my Altaïr Ego table can be a dining table, a working table, … Its dimensions give the right to play with the functions.

[D!] Who is your favorite designer ?
Ann : I admire many designers and architects : From Franck Loyd Wright to  … Konstantin Grcic.

[D!] What is your opinion about product design today ?
Ann : I think that it’s time to shake this up. It is time to blend different styles, cultures and times to create new sensations.

[D!] What is the last design object you bought ?
Ann : It was 4 Tolix A chair… a present for my sister and her husband.

[D!] What is your favorite song today ?
Ann : Today and just now! David bowie. Blue jean.

[D!] Which book are you reading nowadays ?
Ann : Nazim Hikmet (il neige dans la nuit)/correspondances entre Anais Nine et Henri Miller

Ann won the Awards thanks to Naked Messenger!