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Benjamin Rousse – Partitions


Submitted by Benjamin Rousse, the Partitions console lets you rearrange your storage space. It keeps pace with your life style and your desires. Need more top space? More things to hang up? Or to hide? Just slide the modules along the structure. The storage spaces are modular. This is a structure that fits together simply and easily, with no nails or screws.

After a session at the « école de condé Lyon » in graphic design, Benjamin Rousse wanted to broaden his field of investigation and creation. Then he studied design at the école supérieure d’art et design de Saint-Etienne (ESADSE), where he graduated. His professional career is quite eclectic. He worked for the « Granville Gallery » as well as for an architecture agency in Lyon. These projects gave him different approaches to design, whether for one-off pieces, mass production furniture items or set design. His work consists in reflecting on simple and functional objects and spaces and combining design and gaiety.