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Boosted Boards – The World’s Lightest Electric Vehicle [VIDEO]


Imagine 2000 watts (2.6 horsepower) on a 12 lb. longboard. You can do your favorite downhill tricks… going uphill. Or carve and carve… without ever pushing. More time riding and practicing, less time pushing and walking.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWV8irg64oM’]

About technology? It’s similar to what you’ll find in modern electric cars and motorcycles, but smaller and lighter than anything ever made. It’s so new, it’s even patent-pending.

– Twin brushless motors. They’re more expensive and harder to implement than conventional DC motors, but they’re also amazingly powerful for their size and weight.
– Lithium batteries. We only use lithium, and we only use the best. That means plenty of range and power without the weight and bulk of normal batteries.
– Custom electronics. Our years of engineering experience led us to design and build our proprietary on-board computers, motor controllers, and software from scratch. The result is powerful and responsive, yet quiet, compact, and easy to control.
– Fast charging. Our electronics and batteries can handle extremely fast charging, going from empty to full in less than two hours.

Read the full story on BoostedBoards.

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