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Camilo A.R.Marquez – Innsigma Watches

Innsigma is an independent watch brand unofficially launched in 2012 as an international colaborative vision. Innsigma watch has a unique and innovative take on watch design. It is a combination of elleganse and risk. Our objective is to express the consept of living, an experience, at the same time focus on the watch as a symbol of individuality and personal freedom. Surching on the borderline of the standerds and applied as a readable design object, it utilises the language of security and power. Watches designed by Camilo AR.Marquez for Innsigm.

Vod Watch:
The vod watch is our definition of prestigious and luxury piece mixed with the claims of Innsigma, Is the searching for adventure and rebellion espoused for the necessity of change and revolution, a vision, a vision of disorder, of confront our fears and expand our willing. That’s how we create a cast uniform Steel block made it with laser cutting on three axis, that give it to us the precision for making this veins than embodies the shape of the watch give in dynamism and elegance.

Wildest moments watch:
The event, the time, the moment when we liberates that force that is on us, when we defeat our fears and celebrate on battle, what is that force on us, that mysterious energy that keeps us moving and looking for more. Wildest moments abstracts this idea and defy a designs that is a symbolizes our strength, our wiling, our inner power that is inside of us.