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Eduardo Alessi – Eco DIY Collection

Submitted by Eduardo trough our Facebook page, the Eco DIY Collection is a series of products that use recycled cardboard as structural material.
Every items is a flat 2d pattern cut from a single sheet paper to save material for production. The main characteristic of the collection is that the items are assembled DIY by the user simply following the instructions on the packaging: fold the paper along the notches and impressed creases applied on the paper, no glue, cutting or other instruments are required. The cardboard material and the flat structure result in these products being lightweight. and let the products can be easily flat-packed to be transported. Some of them are electric products, designed to be energy efficient without using batteries. Once the products have been mounted they look like 5 different endangered species of animals. This raises the consumers’ awareness makes them remember that each product and how it’s produced is in strait connection with the environment where we all live in.