EIS Studio – Peebles

Designed by EIS Studio, Pebbles were first envisioned during a photo shoot in which Eva Sobesky of EIS Studios was intrigued by the natural shape of a pebble, specifically how its visceral aesthetic, coupled with its functionality, made it a distinctive set piece. Photos by Chiara Merico.

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New D! Award for Simon Reynaud - La Chaise en bois - May 16th 2012

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Vladimir Tomilov - Grani

Designed by Vladimir Tomilov, inspired by origami and paintings by Picasso and classic dresser.

  • Chiara Merico


    This is Chiara,
    It was a real pleasure and fun to work on this project for EIS Studio.

    Thank you very much

    CHiara Merico

  • Fantastic blog. keep it up!