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Erjon B. Hatillari – HRing

Submitted via our online form by Erjon Hatillari. How would you feel if somebody told you that you can have hot water just by using hot water? Nowadays, due to the rapid technological progress, there are various ways to have hot water in our houses for our everyday needs. My personal ambition was to create another completely new, ergonomic and more effective way to do so. And that’s when I came up with the H-ring. The letter H stands for hydroelectric energy, a form of energy which is produced from the motion of the waves and can be used instead of the traditional forms of energy that we commonly use. The whole idea is that a specially formed ring is put in the tube of the hot water in the plumbing pipes of the building. When the tub is turned on, a propeller which is attached to the ring, rotates because of the water flow. This whole mechanism will cause the temperature of the water to rise thus giving us hot water for our everyday needs.The H-ring consists of one rotator two layers of wires, to put it simply the rotating ring will cause the water to flow faster thus making it even hotter. In addition I should mention that every part of both mechanisms will be made entirely of iron which is not only water resistant, meaning it will not wear out, rust but is also the second best heat conductor of all metal.