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Erjon Hatillari – Giko Electric Fan

Submitted today by Erjon Hatillari via our online form, we are proud to post this great and innovative product! Enjoy!

As temperature has risen this electric fan is the perfect product for every home or office. Why use an air condition or an every day fan, which not only they are distasteful for the eye but also very expensive? In a UFO shape, it can go up too 90 cm high, and 10x more effective than any other electric fan. It uses less electricity, which leads to a cheaper way of cooling of. Inspired by an alien figure it stands on three spider-like legs. The “head” is a sphered shape which is safe because the distance of the holes it will be so close so you cannot put your finger inside, and with the four blades which move in a circular form. On the top of the cage, there is an on/off button, which also adjusts the volume of the fan. The blades have a curved form, just like every other fan only, that the whole blade is curved, whereas an everyday fan is curved in a particular spot. This fact gives this particular fan the advantage that it sends air in every direction. As mentioned before it is cheaper, because it does exactly the same movement with other fans but from a different angle, using the same amount of energy but producing more air than a common fan. Last but not least, the motor will be placed underneath the cage and will include the cord cable, which will be at least 10 meters long.