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New D! Award for François Xavier Martouzet – BB Little Garden – October 15th


“Cooking is an act of creation, sharing and exchange.”

Submitted and designed by FX Martouzet, yhis project proposes to support this new use that provide a fuller sensory cooking experience.
BB Little garden is a radiant growing lamp, wanting to revisit the place of aromatic plants inside the kitchen. It is a volume with clear lines, as a true minimalist object. The sleek design has been especially studied to adapt to a variety of indoor environments and give a special note to the kitchen. BB Little garden is a framework for plants, its pure line magnifies them and does not disturb the reading.

This project aims to bring in the kitchen the soul of a dish, the aromatics plants. They usually come as dehydrated leaves or are in the garden.

More than just putting the herbs close to you , cooking is a question of feeling and sensation. That’s why BB Little garden integrates a scratcher : you can then touch the plant, scratch it, smell it and taste it. Because cooking is a distraction for everyone with no discrimination, the piece used to scratch the leaf is the plant’s name in Braille.  On one side you will find a label with the plant’s name for the ludic part and on the other side that is in Braille that can be used as a scratcher.

Why using leds?
They consume less power by delivering only the light your plants need (red and blue). They produce much less heat than a conventional « HID » light source. Nearly no maintaining (100,000 hr life).

Thanks to the battery integrated to the body, the light can be turned on during more
than 24 hours without charging.