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FX Martouzet – Work Overview of Hall Design

You have recently discovered BB Little Garden, by FX Martouzet, the award winning project of the latest Design !ndex Awards Edition. We were proud to give you the ability to learn more about this designer with this interview, massively shared over the Internet. Today, let us present you a short work overview of Hall Design Studio, founded in 2012 by François-Xavier Martouzet and Guillaume Diolez. You have to know this is the 500° Design !ndex post! We wish to thank you all for your support, and hope you will keep on enjoying our work.

« L’arbre 2.0 »: Tree 2.0 is an all-in-one solution for organizing your TV entertainment peripherals that’s perfect for wall-mounted systems. (Designed by Hall Design, available for edition)

« Hi bench »: Urban furniture using the Hi-Macs. Storage possibility of wheelchairs, strollers or bicycles .
(Designed by Hall Design, available for edition)

« BOB »: Lamp inspirated by the industrial world. (Designed by Hall Design, available for edition)

Brushed brass tap with single lever mixer. The spout is adjustable. This tap is designed to strongly enhance the environment of the bathroom or modern kitchen.

« Caida »: The Armchair Caida refers to the position and shape of the foot of a pair of tango dancer.
(Designed by Hall Design, available for edition)

« SunPod Home »: Energizing shelter for privates customers. Its strength is to propose a solution for solar heating without removing the intergrity of the roof. (Designed by Hall Design for Advansolar)

Extraction device. (Designed by Hall Design)

« U-Define »: With a modular frame for easy lenses assembly with different shapes and sizes. U_define glasses allow the user to change himself the lenses of his glasses when he wants. (Designed by Hall Design, Lunettiers du Jura Contest)