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Germain Verbrackel – TaG Mask

Designed par Germain Verbrackel. [EN] TaG is a unique product providing detection and protection against the Carbon monoxide which is spread during gas leakage or domestic fire. It has been created to optimize the reaction time of victims, during such incidents and thus minimizing the risk of carbon monoxide intoxication problem.

TaG acts at different levels. It detects the carbon monoxide, because of electrochemical cells. Alerts the victim with a sound signal. Indicates
its position with in built LEDs and the in built filters allow a safe breath for the person. TaG aims to allows you to react quickly and evacuate the contaminated zone. However, if the victim is stuck within a premises, TaG will play as a visual and sonorous locator to help rescuers evacuate the victims.

TaG is a survival product which becomes a product of everyday life. Everywhere, everyone, anytime and always with a concern to save lives Read Less