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Hall Design – Mise en Abyme

Submitted by Hall Design, « Mise en abyme » is based on the development of a new piece of wood assembly as simple as possible. We were inspired by the image of the light: the bulb.

Its wooden structure represents the archetype of a light bulb, one of the elements is removable to allow maintenance of the lamp. This elemnt gets a different color to allow a simplified identification. « Mise en abyme » was designed to explore the possibilities of eco furniture, expanding current technologies used in furniture assembly.

We worked on the source of light, our goal was to reinterpret the function of the lamp in its entirety. Transparency while this lamp pays homage to the incandescent light bulb that is now in the process of disappearing in favor of low consumption light bulbs and LED bulbs. This is a glance at an archetype for us so singular that is doomed to disappear over the years. The name « mise en abyme » has become a natural, logical, transcribing our intention on this lamp.