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José Ignacio Martínez – Aiken

Designed by José Ignacio Martinez, Aiken means « to live » in Tehuelche, the language from the Tehuelche tribe, a patagonian ethnic group established in southern Argentina and Chile, the perfect landscape for long distance cycling trips. It makes reference to the travelling experience, to live the journey, the nature, speed, comfort, companionship with other riders… Developed in 8 months by a team of 3 other talented designers and me. It’s equipped with high-end commercial parts (pedals, brakes, shifters etc), a roomy custom made saddlebag and a shock absorbant seating system.  Safety and comfort were both major issues in the design process: The frame is light and resistant, the steering system is as smooth as it gets, the suspended seat is extremely cozy, it has rearview mirrors, headlights, reflective surfaces, one disc brake on each wheel and a 13 speed gear system. Aesthetically, the linear concept is evident with the curvy frame and the curved rod details.

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