Julien Bergignat – Cosphere

This cup with a generous and iconic shape , is a link between speed and stability. Referring to the rapid consumption of coffee in countries such as Italy, and thanks to its elegant dance; Cosphere leaves a trace of the momentary intensity of this tasting. Read the full story at Julien’s website.

2 réflexions sur “Julien Bergignat – Cosphere

  1. Cup balanced on one point and never spils?!
    Consuming coffee from heat of stainless steel?!
    It could be only designed by a creature who has no lips and no brain.

    1. Hi, We invite to you to always follow links to designer’s website to learn more about their products. ie, on Julien Bergignat’s website, you can read this : « With its spherical shape, it is unusual but also very clever because it conceals a ballast allowing the cup to quickly regain its balance and thus never be reversed. Built to last, it promotes the use of recyclable material: stainless steel. Indeed, the use of this material widely used in the home, gives the cup style and simplicity while maintaining quality. In addition the principle of double wall makes it totally insulated, you do not burn your fingers and the coffee cools more slowly. It is distinguished by its four rounded protuberances, which are actually domes marking the gripping points at the right temperature. Adapted to modern requirements, it remains delicate and refined. Cosphere will quickly become an essential item because of its intuitive use accompanying tasting coffee. »

      btw, after visiting his website, i think you will change your mind and don’t think anymore he has « no brain » …

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