Kayvan Naderi – Corolla Mini Perfume Sales Area

Submitted by Kayvan Naderi on our form. Corolla mini perfume Sales area is designed for 1 or 2 sellers. « Designing this project took time 4 weeks in researching, idea creation, detail design and final presentation stages. The client desire was studied in research process also I got some points about sales, product distribution and also consumer’s specifications that were so important in idea creation. I have finally got two concepts among some other ones those were more qualified for client’s mission. In concept A I try to concentrate on odor and feeling cool with using some transparent surfaces in the seller’s back ground and lightening on some graphical motifs. In concept B the most marked point is a 3D motivated form which its idea was given from plants. This form was too attractive and new also so useful for “Jacsaf” identity. The company is using this form as a main symbol of their brand identity. Finally the concept B was choose by client and we enter the Detail Design stage. The construction took 31 days in 2009. The most important goal in making this project possible forms of green construction was such that no major changes in the dimensions and minimum cost to run and eventually making it the best way with the help of advanced composite (fiberglass) with epoxy resin compounds and the use of fiber the carbon and glass fibers.Finally making it the best way with the help of advanced composite (fiberglass) with epoxy resin compounds and the use of carbon fibers and glass fibers were. Using software engineering role in construction of high precision, and it played more strength as a sandwich of different layers (3 to 7 layers) Fiberglass, EPS compact, carbon fiber, wood Balsa built. All other pieces were made from usual materials such as Iron, Glass, MDF, Plexiglass and sticker. »

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