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Nithin Jacob Eapen – File Lamp

Direct submission by Nithin Jacob Eapen Product Designer from Bangalore City, India. This product is a lamp which the inspirations have been taken from the file. The idea around this file lamp is its portability and multi-functionality of its nature. It have rechargeable 12v batteries inside which will run more than 12 hr, which is connected with LED  lights. It also has the function of playing with the intensity of light controller on one side which acts as a switch also. With the grip on other side of the lamp, you can change the direction of the light which flows.
Basic idea is to carry your papers with you and use it anywhere you want even if your missing the day light, may be inside your car or in the park.

Lighting can be made of transparent flexible sheet with led lights.
This is a portable ligthing which can also be used as :
+ note pad,
+ tracing pad,
+ table lamp,
+ album or calender stand.
Biggest advantage of this product is that, it is totally in expensive to make.