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Pete Norris – Honda Chopper

by Pete Norris. « My concept has been compared to Cloud’s bike Fenrir from Final Fantasy and Kaneda’s bike from Akira, I find this very flattering of course and there are some influences in there for sure, but really I just wanted to design a bike that had a laid back seating position rather than following the obvious Superbike form. In terms of the materials and surfaces I have always liked the clean, uncluttered lines of Honda’s Asimo Robot so kind of built on that aesthetic. As a kid (and still today) one of my favourite sci-fi vehicles were the Speeder bikes from Return of the Jedi.

I kind of imagine it’s in-hub electric motors would create a similar sound. »

3 thoughts on “Pete Norris – Honda Chopper

  1. Awesome, very awesome, just only some question:
    Do you think at it like a 2×2?
    How you parking it? (has a stand or something?)
    Will it never be produced?
    However, great job, congratulations

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