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Rusak Kreaktive DesignWorks – Project 14


Established in 2000, Rusak Kreaktive DesignWorks is a strategic multidisciplinary design studio, headquartered in Paris (France). With a kreaktive approach to design-kreaktivism being what we call a pro-active attitude based on intuitive and pure creativity-, Serge RUSAK and his team tend to bring product, interaction and identity design all together to create revolutionary and industry changing icons. They actively try to translate emotions, user-insights and emerging trends into human experiences and great aesthetics, supported by strategy and layering technology. They are truly convinced of being able to improve daily lives or transcend companies, simply by designing with people and for people.

Today, we present you the latest furniture design project by Rusak, named Project 14.

Project 14 is a Table and lighting cloud: Prospective concept, available for edition / Personal exploration, this furniture set explores controlled unbalance, asymetric structures, visual lightness and a new way of living. Based on observing structures in nature and trying to recreate a complete outdoor mood inside the house, we came up with the idea of an asymmetric table and a lighting suspended cloud.


The asymmetry and the off-centered foot of the table just create a super visual lightness and controlled unbalance. The structural tension seems to shape the table top, modeling an integrated fruit bowl. The central point then become the essential connecting point of additional accessories which provides flexibility and modularity in use : pile some trays, add another fruitbowl, a flower case, a candlestick, or just close the gap and hide everything under…


Floating in the air, a sculptural optic fiber cloud enhances and creates a natural and changing moddlight network. Just attach some additional synthetic leaves on it and you will generate super-natural mood shadows on table… Add some typical italian antipasti on the table, serve yourself a glass of Montepulciano and your last meal at a terrace in Abruzzo will not seem to be so far already !



We would like also you have a tour at Rusak other products. They’re really awesome, and we are convinced some of them soule be edited soon!


Sofa is a Prospective concept, available for edition / Personal exploration, this strong graphic typology was defined by observing relaxing behaviours and rythms of life.


Solar light : Prospective concept, available for edition / Personal exploration, this nomad light is inspired by glazier’suction cup. Think of windows as energetic gates and capture your own sculptural sunray, for free.


Jewelry : Prospective concept, available for edition / Personal exploration, this jewelry set is exclusively designed to feature 3D printed higly precious materials as silver or gold.

Ashtray : Rusak recently created a perfectly sementic urban ashtray, like nothing else, bringing this piece of furniture to an iconic level.


Concept gun : Strategic Design / Rusak has worked with Browning for almost a decade, experimenting prospective trends like e.g. with this colors & trims study.


At Design !ndex Office, we really encourage you to visit the Rusak website to discover more and more creation, they are all really fascinating! You won’t regret your visit!