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Siméon Lescanne – French selected Designer for Dyson Awards

Function: The handle Secur-it aims to protect children against burns caused by hot liquids and products contained in the pans and frypans. Thanks to its locking system, Secur-it allows adults to grab and manipulate their pots safely but prevents young children from reversing the pans by grabbing the handles.

Inspiration: I chose to solve this problem because it affects more than 17% of children under 6 years. The burns in young children leave irreversible damage but can also cause death. The removable handles that currently exist on the market, facilitate the storage but do not solve the security problem.

Development: I seek a technically simple solution that I can integrate into an ergonomic shape. With Secur-it, the user should not ask questions; the stick fits naturally in the hand. Thanks to the small magnets, it can be easily positioned. The ovoid shape of the support prevents the handle from rotating on itself when it is attached. The positioning of the trigger has been designed so that the handle locks no matter how the user grabs the handle. I also wanted to make this concept sustainable and accessible to as many people making it adaptable to more than 80% pans and frypans. It is not necessary for the user to change all his pans. All details on Dyson Awards Website. Design by Siméon Lescanne, student at ISD (Institut Supérieur de Design de Valenciennes aka International School of Design).