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Simon Reynaud D! Awards #2 Winner Interview

Simon Reynaud is the winner of the 2d Design !ndex Awards Contest.
Here is an interview based on 10 questions the D! Team Asked Simon.
Thank you Simon for your answers ! We hope you will find soon an editor for your awesome « Chaise en bois » ;)

[D!] What about school ? Where, when and how did you studied design ?
Simon: BAC with a special option applied arts, then a BTS product design and a BA in product design in England (Sheffield Hallam University) in 2004.

[D!] What is you design process ?
Simon: Projects arise little by little, detail after detail and almost all of them go through the same process : A lot of time is spent to analyse my topic, where I try to search in fields as various as possible. After this stage, a lot of sketches follow. I go quickly to Modo 3d modeling, and the research continue with several 3d steps, moke-ups and prototype.

[D!] Any tips to be a good creative ?
Simon: Be curious ! A project can born when you don’t look for it (from a show, an exhibition, a meeting, a place, a detail, a book,…) Be surprised and never satisfied, abuse of discovering is always good !

[D!] Can you explain us your products identity ?
Simon: According to the projects, I use different approches : when a company comes to me to design an object, the client’s identity must stand out. For my own projects, I always try to bring a sensitive value in objects. It can be through the physical or the emotional relationship we have with the object.

[D!] Who is your favorite designer ?
Simon: I wouldn’t say I have one favorite designer, but I appreciate a lot of different ones : Noé Duchaufour-Lawrence, Konstantin Grcic, Ron Arad,…and so many others ! I have a specific admiration for Tord Boontje !

[D!] What is your opinion about product design today ?
Simon: Mine is mine, yours is yours, and this diversity is what matters !!

[D!] What is the last design object you bought ?
Simon: A salt and pepper dispenser, simple, functional, efficient.

[D!] What is your favorite song today ?
Simon: I love web radios to discover new sounds but I just discovered this : Seasick Steve « I started out with nothing »…

[D!] Which book are you reading nowadays ?
Simon: I am just reading a novel from David Lodge, « la vie en sourdine » (Deaf Sentence), and my second bedside book is a really interesting book from Stéphane Vial « court traité du design ».

Simon Reynaud’s [website] | Simon Reynaud on [Facebook]