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Slimane Toubal D! Awards #3 Winner Interview


Slimane Toubal is the winner of the 3rd Design !ndex Awards Contest.
Here is an interview based on 10 questions the D! Team Asked Slimane.

Slimane! That was great to collaborate with you for this interview! We are happy to tell to all Design !ndex readers that they will soon discover a new post about your projects overview! We are also quite impatients about clay model of your [awesome 300SL]! ;)

D!: What about school ? Where, when and how did you studied design ?
Slimane: In France, in 1989, I learned how to accomplish the studies of manufacturing an object from a package, accompanied, of course with a sketch but also technical constraints of industrialisation. During my career, I’ve learned the automotive design in companies for which I have worked as Audi, BMW, D3, Renault, Citroen, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen …

D!: What was your 1st project ?
Slimane: I started working for « D3″ one of the leading automotive suppliers in France. The first project in wich i took part was the concept car Renault « Laguna » of Jean Pierre Ploué (young designer at that time and now Design Director of Peugeot Citroen Group). I could not hope a better start in the automotive design. In 2009, 19 years after, I contributed to the realization of the concept car Peugeot « SR1″ with Jean Pierre Ploué again.

D!: What is your design process ?
Slimane: The process that I apply in general is the synthesis of the technical constraints of the package (specifications ), and sketches of the designers. I must succeed in reproducing a three dimensional model, on computer (digital software « Alias ») or on clay model at scale 1/1 or 1/4 (the theme of the sketch including constraints of chocs, vision,engine, aerodynamic, lighting,ergonomy and engineering.)

D!: Any tips to be a good creative ?
Slimane: I like to say that if you wanna create something new and really different, you have to take inspiration in something else that the product that you have to create (vegetal, animal, architecture, fashion ). If it’ s a car, don’t draw a car at the beginning, don’t look what the others are doing ,excepting to be sure that your design is different of those.

D!: Can you explain us your products identity ?
Slimane: Everyone has their own perception of the product design, and we need to create something that satisfies all the different opinions and judgments, I will say that the good is the one that generates « WWWOOAAWW » General

D!: Who is your favorite designer ?
Slimane: It s difficult to say, there are so many and all are very differents ! Some of them are really creative, others have really nice skill of drawing and illustrating. But also,because the car design is the result of a team (designer, modeler, ingenior… ) and not only one man. I am lucky to have worked in the teams of the best designers as Patrick LEQUEMENT, Stefan SIELAFF, Thierry METROZ, Jean pierre PLOUE, Oleg SON, ,Simon LOASBY….and much more.

D!: What is your opinion about product design today ?
Slimane: Well almost everything has been done already , but that ‘s what is good; because we have to find a new way interprete it , new materials, colors, and of course make it better , so it’s asking us to be more  » re ‘creactive « .

D!: What is the last design object you bought ?
Slimane: The last design objects that i bought are funny square watches all in silicone and flashy colors. Name is SS.COM

D!: What is your favorite song today ?
Slimane: One of my favorite songs is a Marcus Miller and Me’shell NdegeOcello’song – Rush Over. Both are playing bass like no one else

D!: Which book are you reading nowadays ?
Slimane: Cosmic Motors from Daniel Simon