Sofian Tallal – FloorLeaf

Submitted by Sofian, FloorLeaf is the first item of the NatureLight™ collection of nature-inspired lamps! The FloorLeaf is a floor lamp inspired by Mother Nature’s gardens, but instead of absorbing sun rays this electric plant generates eco-friendly light from below its leaves. The FloorLeaf evokes the randomness of nature’s creations embodied in a functional and elegant decorative object. What started as a nature-inspired floor lamp concept design is now turning into an entire range of lamps and related products; the NatureLight collection. The collection is currently being developed and the FloorLeaf will soon be the first item to be commercialized by crowd-funding! We’re working hard on making it available to everyone and need your help and support to bring it to life, every opinion counts so let us know you like the FloorLeaf here to bring it one step closer to production!

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  • The design is cool but please pay attention the multi-shadow problem. You may need to develop fittings to tackle it because it is harmful for eye sight.