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Veraseri Designs – Luxury High Performance Sport Stig Chair


Stig Chair is designed by Adam Krehbiel. Materials are Recycled Steel Pipe, Yellow Pine, Deer Leather, Stainless Steel.

As Veraseri Designs’ debut into high performance Sport luxury furniture. The Stig Chair is specifically designed for the home, office, and travel charging of your personal Stig. Stig farms do not offer this penultimate piece in convenience and safety in the care and maintenance of your personal Stig. The Stig chair is equipped with two fast connect tube lines that are universal for every Stig, one for Nitrogen out gassing, and the larger for unprocessed minced raw Pork. The seating device also features push-rod suspension as not to jar your Stig during transportation and charging, an event that could prove explosive. Stigs from a Stig farm are vulnerable during the period of charging and outgassing, fluid and gas levels inside the Stig change and can become unstable and potentially explosive. The seating unit is as well prepared for such an event in the very rare case that your Stig for some reason explodes. The Chair has been coated with a special material produced and applied by the Line-X Protective Coatings Corp. This material chosen specifically for its durability and blast aversion. The coating can be hosed down if needed and resists 9mm small arms fire. It also sports gel-cushioned pads upholstered in Deer leather, which was harvested from a deer hit by the designer’s car. The frame of the seating device is made from 4130 alloy steel tubes, recycled from the frames of a number of Nascar Stock Car crashes.