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Ying Hern Pow – Der Neue Klasse

Designed by Ying Hern Pow, Singapore City, Singapore, the Neue Klasse Concept is characterized by distinctive and radical proportions that mix elements of an estate with those of a coupé/shooting brake. More pictures and interior views below the description.


The expected outcome of this concept not only revolves around the conception of a meaningful cabin setup, but also attempts to suggest a new segment concept that can be adopted by different types of body styles, for example: a luxury sedan could adopt this cabin setup and shave its overall length for easier city driving.

Design & Styling

The Neue Klasse Concept is characterized by distinctive and radical proportions that mix elements of an estate with those of a coupé/shooting brake.

The body features a proportionate stance – with a height of less than 1.6 meters – and generous length and width – 5.14 and 2 meters respectively. The concept has a very long wheelbase, 3.9 meters long to be exact, and to balance the proportion and minimise the horizontality of the car, big wheels like Rolls Royce Phantom’s have been fitted on the car, together with thick A-pillar in silver satin that creates a more vertical visual flow to the side profile.

The flowing, dynamic profile is defined by the hood and by the sweeping, accelerating curve that gives form to the windscreen and roofline silhouette, ending with a long, well integrated rear claddings, which reinforces the fastback effect.

The side profile has an imposing ‘D’ bulge that defines the character of the car, this ‘D’ design cue can be felt in the interior of the car too. A unique triangular rear side skirt adds dynamism and the sculpted looks to the car, complemented by a chrome side fender located by the front wheels.

The styling was repeatedly hampered by Rhino’s inability to sculpt more sophisticated form and surfaces. The repercussion was a good two months gone for trial and errors to achieve the desired looks and styling. Color choice was deemed to be challenging because it is crucial in getting the right feel. Gun metal grey is the mainstay of the color scheme as I believe that this color is what makes a car look futuristic and bring out its metallic surfaces.

The interior of the Neue Klasse is the highlight of the project, focusing mainly on increased social interaction and stress-free operating environment. The car has distinctive beige color scheme coupled with rosewood trims and burgundy accent to create the luxurious feel of the cabin. The design was inclined towards a more organic feel, suggesting good ergonomics and comfort. Again, the ‘D’ design language can be observed within the cabin. The part that took the longest design considerations was the knee and legroom for both the second and third row of passengers as the goal was to prevent ‘knee-to-knee’ experience within the cabin. The eventual design was a good 500mm of legroom to be shared between these passengers, which should be more than enough for 50th Percentile male occupants.