Ben Hopkins, Devin Connolly, Nand Harjani – iClip™

Submitted today via our online form, the iClip™ is a patented hands-free device for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 that’s currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. The iClip™ was designed first and foremost as a simple, inexpensive, and safe solution to making calls in the car with your iPhone. However, the clever clip serves a number of other purposes. The iClip™ allows you to stand and recline your iPhone in both vertical and horizontal orientations, maximizing its usability and your comfort. The arm of the clip sports an integrated cable catch to manage headphones and charging cables. The iClip™ is made of resilient ABS plastic and will be available in 5 colors during its Kickstarter campaign. Video presentation available there on Vimeo.

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