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Pierre Stadelmann – Hexaphone


Pierre just submit this project to the Design !ndex Team, and we are happy to post it, because we think the idea is quite good, the concept is very simple, and it should work very well with our iphones at the Design !ndex Office 😉 The Hexaphone is a wooden natural amplifier for Iphones. It uses the natural acoustic caracteristic of plywood to offer a round sound, less metallic and warmer. No wire, no « On&Off » Button ! Just put your Iphone on & listen ! Designed by Pierre Stadelmann for l’Edito, this great product is looking for co-editors! You can share it to help Pierre to find one!

Pierre is a french designer. After validating his BTS at l’Ecole de Design de Nantes Atlantique, he was graduated from ITT (Florence Design academy) with an International Master Industrial Design.