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Slimane Toubal D! Award #3 Winner Testimonial

We recently asked Slimane if his Design !ndex Award was a good experience, an if today, this Award is bringing visibility to his Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Concept over the web. Toubal sent us a little .txt file, we just copy it below.

Designers, if you are still hesitating about taking part into the competition, or just submitting your projects to Design !ndex using our form, you should read that 😉

Title of Slim’s testimonial: « The Power of The Internet »

« At the end of 2011, I made a website to show the pictures of my last personal projects. I normally make pictures with colorful environment, but this time, the car asked for pictures really simple, with a minimum of colors and nothing around, just to appreciate the object itself. During April 2012, Design !ndex published the pictures of this car. And one month later they informed me that my car was selected to participate to a design competition. The 13 th of June, I won the contest… From the begining of June i recieved a lot of emails, then, even more after the awards ; all to tells me that they appreciate my work. At the begining of July I recieved mails to inform that my car was published on other website , some website ask me to send them the pictures, this week i found out that over than 100 websites around the world have published the pictures during the first two weeks of July. Conclusion , during more than for month the pictures were on the net without any impact, and just two weeks after the publishing of the awards on Design !ndex, we get the buzz of the car website of the world.

I am already thinking about the next project that I will create during my free time, but first I have to finish the clay model that a friend of mine milled for me here in Shanghai. Soon Some pictures on Design !ndex!

I would like to thank all the Design !ndex Team for the support and help to diffuse and share my pictures all around the world !!!!

Slimane Toubal »