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Kayvan Naderi – iBuddy

Submitted by Kayvan Naderi, iBuddy is the car of the future. iBuddy is the new automobile to improve joy of driving and safeness using interactive system in which, user could make better relation with car while using. iBuddy is a lightweight high- performance 2-seater coupé with an iconic and pure exterior design and an innovative interior design. •Concept: What do you think a normal day will be like in future? What will the car of the future be like? In my future vision, I present to you my ideas about the cars of tomorrow.


You can look forward to vehicle concepts bursting with new ideas and innovations. I design a car that is tailored to people’s needs. I consider one important task for future to be the elimination of safety risks in cars, whilst simultaneously maximizing vehicle comfort and pleasure. I also want to design car in the future that are great fun.

This concept car feature “holographic 3D interfaces” with functions controlled by gestures instead of Cars won’t be able to fly in the close future, but we’ll experience vehicles that communicate with traffic lights and other vehicles, that you can control using words and that have the necessary intelligence to find a free parking space and park in it automatically without a driver. We’re looking at new drive concepts so that we can make the vision of emission-free cars a reality as soon as possible. Be inspired by functions that are both innovative and useful. •Target group: The most oaf user of this automobile are young people who fall in age range of 18-35 who are interested in having more excitement in life. Moreover these people are more in touch with technology and cyberspace like game, web and other interfaces.


•Play games: In the 21th century, there are close relation between people and computer systems. Otherwise, everyone who is born after 2000 is familiar with computer systems, software, networks and virtual spaces. They play in game net with other persons instead of playground with many virtual games. Now, think on this concept iBuddy. You play a game that is simulating a driving place and you as a real condition. You are interacted with the game interface and you set the game options, then start a game, take off, turn right, left, again right, go straight ahead, accelerate or decelerate your speed, at last stop your car. On any part of the virtual road with variable conditions, you have a personal style in driving.

•Inspiration and Brand identity: The important thing in this project was making automobiles more interactive. We saw this process on different products. The companies were able to create great products by updating the their interface in the market. One of the important reasons for Ford in product style was simplicity of their concepts. Further Apple has been innovative in interface and interaction design. As a matter of fact we have taken into consideration the ford design with design of apple for making the interior more interactive. We can do it by bringing in new interfaces. •Features: You’ll be able to change the colors and forms of your custom-made car at any time. This is an entertainment for some people who love to change body parts and dynamic features as well as engine power by getting their cars to car-tuning centers.


This concept, iBuddy, can supply variable options in case of dynamic features and engine power, similar to your personality and driving intention. And also many ideas and technologies are explored including:

– Sustainability: be a fully-electric vehicle without any carbon dioxide production.
– Networked mobility: future cars will be in permanent dialogue with other vehicles and the traffic infrastructure. Information exchanged will help to avoid traffic jams, prevent accidents and find a parking space at any time.
– Accident-free driving: a number of sensors scan the car’s surroundings and bring information to the driver via innovative interfaces
– Custom-made cars: many design and configuration options will be available thanks to color-changing paints and panels, interiors with flexible configurations and a range of variable vehicle concepts
– Computer base dashboard: Its dashboard is almost entirely a computer screen that features highly advanced communications technologies, including voice commands. These allow the driver to access e-mail, a hands-free mobile, real-time route assistance and weather reports.