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Pengfei Li – Ôyer

Designed by Pengfei Li, Ôyer is a clothes dryer that dries clothes faster and use less energy. « We place the clothes in the bag and press the button to start Ôyer. Thanks to the humidity sensor and temperature sensor, Ôyer will stop automatically when the clothes will be dry. The system « Express drying » is designed for fast drying needs such as underwear or socks … Ôyer has a small dimension, which will carry it everywhere.


In Southern Asia, the rainy season lasts about 50 days from June to July. There is no sun, and relative humidity reaches 90%. It’s very difficult to dry clothes. Today, we have the drying racks, but they are slow to dry and the machine dryer is untransportable and consumes much electricity. Why not design a product that will dry quickly and use less? »

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